A Dalmatian love story

A Dalmatian love story about Roko and Cicibela continues to write itself into every sun-soaked stone, every salty sea breeze, and every heartfelt smile shared under the Dalmatian sun.

In the heart of the stunning Dalmatian coast, a timeless love story unfolds. And this tale dates back as far as the rugged cliffs that frame this picturesque landscape. A story of passion, tradition, and unbreakable bonds.

In Dalmatia, love isn’t just an emotion. It’s a way of life. The shared laughter over a leisurely seafood feast by the sea. Where the catch of the day means more than a meal. It symbolizes devotion to providing for one another. It’s the warm embrace of a sun-kissed afternoon. Every touch bears witness to enduring love that has weathered the ages.

A Dalmatian love story – The Tale of Roko and Cicibela

Dalmatia boasts a rich history of storytelling, with many legends and tales centered on love. Filled with joy, tears, drama, and, more often than not, tragedy. These stories have often unfolded within the grandeur of castles and palaces, involving Roman emperors, 15th-century Venetian dukes, and other nobility. However, the story closest to our hearts is the beautiful love tale of Roko and Cicibela. A Dalmatian love story that played out within the streets and neighborhood of our very own Sperone Heritage Hotel.

Roko Ljubica, a humble fisherman and the son of a rope maker, encountered Dujka Bašić, a destitute and illiterate girl from the same Veli Varos area. Locals lovingly nicknamed her Cicibela, a name typically reserved for the neighborhood’s street cats. Roko and Cicibela’s paths crossed when he found her begging on the streets, leading to a deep and enduring love. They exchanged vows on February 16, 1906, at the Saint Cross church, embarking on their marital journey aboard an abandoned, aged Gajeta (a traditional Croatian fishing boat), accompanied by their beloved adopted dog, Belina.

Roko and Cicibela endured nearly 30 years of hardship and poverty on their weathered boat, remaining devoted to each other. In 1936, they passed away, cradled in each other’s arms, in a modest cottage given to them towards the end of their lives.

Roko and Cicibela’s love story has transcended generations. It’s celebrated as an embodiment of true love and a timeless life lesson. Happiness cannot be bought with wealth or possessions. All you truly need is love. In the true spirit of Dalmatia, their story lives on through poetry, song, theater, and even film.

You, too, can honor their enduring love by strolling from Sperone Heritage Hotel along the same streets of Veli Varoš to the Church of the Holy Cross, where they exchanged their vows. Continue down to the Matejuška fisherman’s marina, where they shared their life together. Don’t forget to include a visit to Dujkin Dvor in this nostalgic journey. A charming local restaurant that commemorates Roko and Dujka’s romantic tale, offering a perfect setting to savor delicious Dalmatian cuisine