Hotel in Split

Hotel in Split that is the epitome of a luxury vacation in the enchanting city of Split is Sperone Heritage Hotel. Our hotel offers the perfect blend of opulence, comfort, and world-class service to ensure your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. From sumptuous accommodations to a prime location near the city’s historical treasures, we are your gateway to a truly indulgent experience in Split. Join us and make your luxury vacation dreams a reality.

Hotel in Split that will help you to embrace the unique Dalmatian lifestyle

Dalmatians are a breed apart, known for their warm-heartedness and a dedication to savoring life at a leisurely pace. It’s a lifestyle we call “Pomalo,” and it embodies the essence of taking it slow, relishing the moment. Break free from the grip of that ever-demanding cell phone that often dictates our lives.

To truly immerse yourself in Pomalo, start by slowing down your stride. Avoid the rush to appointments, and liberate yourself from the clutches of your digital companion. Instead, indulge in the art of sipping a single coffee at a café, unhurriedly, for a good hour or more. Forget about the quick take-away coffees. Those aren’t Pomalo. Sharing coffee with friends naturally leads to another essential aspect of Dalmatian life – Cakulat, which is essentially delightful chit-chat. Engaging in Cakulat can happen at a bus stop, in a shop, or even as you leisurely stroll along the charming streets. Mastering the art of Cakulat will infuse you with the same warmth and friendliness that Dalmatians effortlessly exude.

And let’s not forget the delightful concept of “marepana,” a local tradition of enjoying a meal of locally sourced delights. Originally akin to brunch but now enjoyed whenever the mood strikes, it’s a culinary experience that captures the heart of Pomalo living. Finally, don’t resist the urge to succumb to “fajaha,” whether it’s a post-meal nap or simply embracing a moment of blissful idleness.

Pomalo isn’t just a lifestyle; it’s a heartfelt greeting shared among true Dalmatians. Embrace it, savor it, and become one with this enchanting way of life. You know you want to.