One night accommodation in Split

Looking for a one night accommodation in Split? I have the right place for you!

As I strolled toward the Sperone Heritage Hotel, an old tune spontaneously filled my thoughts. I began humming it softly. “Oh, What a Night” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. An oldie but a true classic. It’s remarkable how the mind works. The connection was unmistakable. I was seizing the opportunity of Sperone Hotel’s exclusive “One Night Only” special offer. And I was determined to make my night in Split truly live up to the song’s name.

A Memorable One night accommodation in Split

My journey to Split commenced by train, and since it was “One Night Only,” I packed just an overnight bag and decided to walk from the station. The leisurely twenty-minute stroll allowed me to soak in the sights and immerse myself in the unfamiliar sounds of the city.

It became evident just how close Sperone Heritage Hotel was to a myriad of potential experiences. As I reached the hotel, Ana welcomed me warmly and offered a brief tour of the hotel, showcasing its wellness facilities and the enticing crystal-clear swimming pool. The room itself exuded coziness, with an incredible view of the pool terrace and an exceedingly comfortable bed— the ideal launching pad for my city exploration.

I opted to start my adventure with a visit to the Riva, just a few minutes’ walk away. The promenade seemed to be the vibrant heart of Split, a pedestrian paradise teeming with charming cafés and restaurants. Surrounding it were architectural marvels that whispered tantalizing stories of the past. As tempting aromas wafted from the nearby restaurants, I couldn’t resist the allure of Diocletian’s Palace. The colossal stone walls bore witness to its history as an ancient Roman military garrison and an emperor’s grand residence.

My journey continued through the renowned Split Fish Market, where an incredible variety of fish, freshly caught that day and expertly prepared before your eyes, left me intrigued and eager for more.

With the sea beckoning, I couldn’t resist the urge to slip off my shoes and feel the sand and calm water at Bacvice Beach, savoring the salty sea breeze that kissed my skin.

As I meandered through narrow cobbled streets, I encountered more monasteries and medieval wonders before choosing a restaurant for my evening meal.

I must admit, I indulged quite a bit. My excursion through the fish market had ignited my appetite for fresh sea bass and local prawns. I even sampled the local fish stew, all accompanied by a generous serving of the dry local wine.

That was just a glimpse of my unforgettable “One Night Only” experience at Sperone Heritage Hotel. I seized every moment and transformed it into a day filled with enchantment.

Now, it’s your turn to create your memories.