Popular destinations in Croatia

Popular destinations in Croatia seamlessly combine the past with the present. They offer a tapestry of experiences that cater to every traveler’s dreams. Croatia is a land where history whispers through ancient city walls, and where crystal-clear waters lap stunning coastlines. And where the spirit of adventure beckons from lush national parks.

Join us as we embark on a journey through some of the popular destinations in Croatia. Each offers a unique story, a captivating charm, and an invitation to create your own memories. Croatia awaits your discovery. If you’re visiting Split for a few days, you might struggle to break away from all that this magical city has to offer. But, it’s worthwhile leaving the luxurious comfort of Sperone Heritage Hotel for short periods of time to take a day trip exploring the other awe-inspiring places only a few hours away. Here are a few examples of organized day trip tours to help you plan your vacation.

Popular destinations in Croatia – explore Croatia’s timeless treasures

Krka National Park

This day trip to one of the most popular national parks is truly special. Enjoy walking on the boarded pathways and many bridges through this beautiful, preserved park area with its pristine riverways and many stunning waterfalls. The park also contains renovated mills, an ancient Roman military camp, a 6500-year-old cave, Franciscan monasteries, and the unique Visovac Monastery on its own little island. Take stunning photos, and enjoy a refreshing swim on a beach at Skandin City. Enjoy a truly unforgettable day at Krka National Park!


Visit this stunning UNESCO World Heritage sight with a professional and knowledgeable guide who will escort you through the history, culture, architecture, and incredible beauty of this legendary historical old city. Walk its ancient streets soaking in the art and magic of all the medieval monuments. Visit Sponxa Palace, The Franciscan Monastery, Europe’s oldest pharmacy, and other highlights.

5 Islands Tour from Split and Blue Cave visit

We amp things up with this unique speedboat tour to the island of Vis as well as 4 other islands! You will see the beautiful, famous Blue Cave and enjoy the islet Ravnik, Stiniva Beach on Vis, Budikovac island (a tropical paradise). And the gift of nature, the Pakleni islands, along with Hvar which has one of the most beautiful Adriatic ports. You will enjoy multiple stops to swim or snorkel and free time to explore the small island towns. Enjoy a café or an ice cream and get those delightful must-have souvenirs.